Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Posting Upstream

So I’m going into this blogging gig without the Universe’s blessing.

I’m exhausted from several days of stress- and work-induced late nights, and it’s past midnight already. My sore throat is rapidly brewing into a full-blown cold, and sitting at a computer in the 14 degree chill will most likely prolong and exacerbate my early symptoms. To be frank, this isn’t even my computer – my laptop’s spent the past week at The Computer Doctors, and this machine has a frustrating delay between my typing and the words manifesting on screen.

The main hindrance, however, is that I just don’t like blogs.

I don’t read them, I don’t know anyone that has one, and I’m generally opposed to creating something electronic which would be exponentially more appealing when presented in a tactile, hand-made medium. For this reason, I have a diary. I write in it every few days. It has served its purpose for over five years, and has left me without cause to start a blog.

With myriad facebook and MySpace accounts from my promotions job, as well as several Gmail accounts, hotmail, yahoo, twitter, YouTube, eBay, Commbank - the list goes on - I doubt that I need another piece of cyber trash selfishly dedicated to myself.

Furthermore, I don’t even read my own diaries. My own beautiful, carefully written, lovingly bound, meticulously decorated, ingeniously illustrated diaries experience a brief flurry of attention, followed by many long, dark and dusty years in an overcrowded plastic storage crate. So why, I ask, would a complete stranger read these Calibri size 11 digital representations of words, spurring from the mind of someone like me, when I’d rather be recreating my thoughts on handmade pages with a .2mm felt tip?

Yet, despite all of these reservations, (and believe me, many more which have been excluded lest I begin to sound like a cynic,) I am here. I am writing this first blog entry. It may not even make it online (due to internet problems, I am writing this in Word while the mood strikes), but it may. Eventually, I might even follow it up with a second post. Heck, one day someone could even read it. Fate’s really shining my way if they enjoy it.

The only thing I know about the future is that it is yet to happen.

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